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Discussion in 'OT Driven' started by ushi85, Jan 17, 2004.

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    Hey Hey

    i drive a 99 Civic SiR and ive got a AEM cold air intake and full exhuast 2.5 right to Cat.. and just got DC header put in 4-2-1 :x:

    and my question is im tkaing off the resanitor (splet wrong prob) off next week and i know its going to be loud as shit.. it already is loud.. just wanna know how loud u think it will when i take the resanitor off.. do u think ill have to put my silencer back in?
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    rosonators, especially stock ones do not really make that much of a difference. I would just make sure you replace the resonator and cat, with a new hiflo cat. magnaflo makes some good ones, and the 94006 (model number) is a 2.5" in/out that should fit your car. if you get one of these, it should be louder than stock of course, but not obnoxiously.
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    well already with the reasnotor still in she fuckign screams on the highway remeber theres also VTEC

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