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    Currently, my PC is really loud. I have 1 fan in the back, 2 on the side, and the processor fan (heatsink? I don't know the terms well). I was looking on ebay for quiet fans. Currently, my fans are multi-neon colors, so I wanted to get new fans with at least one color, because the rest of my case has lights (I didn't pick it out). Any recomendations for case fans that are quiet?

    First of all, my 2 side fans are connected like my drives with some kind of power supplies with 4 holes. I was looking on ebay and found a couple, but the power connection was small, like a floppy drive power adaptor, and had only 3 holes. It said it had a 4 hole adaptor- would that be like mine, or just a 4 holed small version? Mine looks twice as big as the 3 hole one.

    Second, how do I know the size of my fan? It doesn't say on the fan. Does the 60mm/80mm related to the size of the fan, or of the fixture it's in? I measured the whole fixture and it was about 3 inches, which would be 76.2mm. Is it 80mm, or is it measuring by the fan size?

    Lastly, my processor fan (heatsink?) is loud. It always makes a high pitched noice, and gets pretty loud while doing memory intensive things, like opening apps or playing games. If I wanted a quiet one, how much would it cost me? My processor is a AMD sempron 1.66 ghz by the way.
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