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    they sell some good stuff for laptops but especially for the mac.

    their line of BT mice are great alternatives to the mighty mouse or the logitech offerings. I just purchased the BT600 full size mouse after using a friend's. All 5 buttons can be programmed to work with any application.

    I also needed a protective case for my MBP and I opted to go with the STM Rebound which is also available on their site.

    enter RTPROMO1 in the promo box and get an extra 15% off! (I searched high and low for a damn promo code, I minus well share it) :bigthumb:
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    I got one of their ScreenSavrz a couple of years ago for my TiBook and it was really great. Eventually I stopped using it though and now my screen has marks from the keyboard, but that was after the case got a few dents and scratches and I stopped giving a shit about what it looked like.

    Looks like they've really increased their product line since then. :cool:

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