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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Budha, Jan 11, 2008.

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    Ok I have a small problem deciding on getting a new macbook...

    I know theres another thread kind of like this, but this is asking a different question. I'll name the situation and then see what you guys think. I personally love the portability and small size of the normal macbook in relation to the MBP. I'm a college student, and I would like to completely utilize the ILife suit, and maybe put adobe lightroom on there when I get back into digi photography.

    I know the macbook has integrated graphics, but its I think 144mb. Lets say I put 4 gigs of ram in the MB, would that make it so that when the computer is running graphic intensive processes that it wouldnt affect the usage as much if there was say only 2 gigs of ram in there?

    Also, does the video card have anything to do w/ the speed of ripping DVD's? (Stupid question I know) Does the video card have anything to do video encoding times, say me taking a 30 min long home movie and encoding to h.264 format?

    I'm kind of stuck between the mb and the mbpro, but being able to save 600 dollars would be nice. (Also I'm aware that macworld is coming up on Monday, but I'm really just curious about the ram question pertaining the video card)

    Thanks, sorry if this was confusing.
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    As far as the shared graphics, yeah kinda... but not as much as you might think. The fact that you have more ram will be faster for different reasons (no caching to disk).

    I could see where ripping a dvd could use MPEG capabilities built into a video card, but I don't know the capabilities of the MBP's card and if HandBrake is smart enough to use it.

    Takes about 30-45 minutes to rip a dvd to mpeg4 on my blackbook c2d.

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