RAM Upgrade for Dell Demision 8400 and Latitude 700m

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by mad doc, Dec 16, 2005.

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    Dell, eh... Ok well currently I have 1gb of RAM on my 8400, but I want to add another 1gb to the system. First, I'm not sure its possible, and second what RAM should I be looking for? Similar question applies to the 700m, except i have 512mb and am trying add atleast 256mb to it (as well as a faster HD :rolleyes: )

    Also, my systems are seeming a bit sluggish... anyway to go about fixing it without reformatting my entire HD? Is this normal? I've done all I can to keep them running healthy.
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    Pull the RAM out and look for a specification sticker on it. Or go to Dell's website and search for upgrade parts for your computer.

    I'm probably the only person on OT who's a huge fan of Norton SystemWorks. I particularly love Speed Disk, I think it's worth the cost of the whole package just by itself. Diskeeper, on the other hand, is crap in my opinion. As such, I recommend that you get a copy of Norton SystemWorks, use CleanSweep to delete all the garbage files on your disk, and then use Speed Disk to properly defragment the remaining files. It sorts them out according to how often they get accessed and changed, so they don't go scattering themselves all over the place as soon as you use the computer again.

    Also, don't connect more than one hard drive to the same cable. If you have two hard drives and a DVD drive, for example, put the two hard drives on separate cables and put the DVD drive on the same cable as whichever hard drive you use less often. If you only have one hard drive and a DVD drive, put them on separate cables too. One of the glaring deficiencies with IDE devices is that the computer can only get data from one at a time if they're on the same cable. SCSI is better about that, the computer can request data from one device after another and then go back and get the data when it's ready for delivery instead of waiting around for the first request to be filled, but a computer that uses SCSI usually takes several minutes to start up - very aggravating in my opinion.
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