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    I just got a laptop with 1 gig or ram, core 2 duo 1.6 ghz, nvidia geforce go 7400. I am now aware that the only thing i can change on a laptop is ram. If i got another 1 gb of ram or even 500 mb of ram Would i notice a big difference and if yes then in what ways? also how much money does ram usually cost? i play a lot of games on my computer

    another question i have is about 32 and 64 bit. Whats the difference and is one better than the other one.
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    if you do decide to get ram, the best place to get it from would be newegg.com but how much of a differnce you will see depends on what type of apps you are running. But more ram is always better than less ram, so if you can afford it, go for it. Just check the dimms you have in your pc now so you know how many banks you have. If you already have a gig, and it's made up of 2 sticks of 512, and you only have 2 banks, then to have 2 gig you would have to get two new 1gb sticks of ram which will be much more expensive.

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