GUN **Range Report** FNP 9mm


Aug 11, 2004
Atlanta Area
I know some people were asking about this and I finally got to the range today. I am not technical with my lingo so forgive me if this isn't in 100% technical terms.

Shot about 125 round through it today. First 45 rounds were CCI Blazer 115 grain and everything else was Remington 115 grain, both were FMJ. I had 2 jams in the first 6 shots on the CCI, after that everything was great no jams or anything, seemed to like the Remington ammo better.

Mag ejection and insertion on this thing is silky smooth, I haven't really felt a gun that the mag drops out of and goes into this smooth before.

Trigger was interesting, it had a deep as hell trigger, really smooth but extremely deep and it threw me off in the beginning. I was jerking the gun at first due to this, expecting it to shot alot sooner than it did. Once I got use to it I was fine. I think the trigger is going to take me a few hundred rounds to get adjusted to. Honestly though, I like this way. My friend was with us and he had a glock 23 and the trigger on it felt like a sponge compared to the FNP. He preferred the trigger on mine alot more compared to his glock. He also agreed the mag ejection and insertion was pretty damn sweet.

We were target shooting about 15 yards out at first. Once I got adjusted to the trigger I had some nice, tight shots. I moved out to a 30 yard metal target and once I smoothed out the trigger pull I was able to hit the metal target at 30 yards 10 times in a row before I missed. Sorry, I haven't shot a pistol in almost a year so this was an adjustment for me getting use to one again.:o

The feel of the gun is great. The rear of the grip has a changeable piece that isn't flat like the one I have in it now, it concaves in some and I am going to try it next time as I didn't bring it with me.

Overall, seems to be a damn nice gun. Feels good in my hand and I think once I get adjusted to the trigger more I will feel even more comfortable with it.

Anyone have any specific questions ask away, leaving now but will answer them tonight. Sorry if this isn't technical enough for everyone.:o

Also shot my friends DPMS AR-15 with Eotech sights and his FNH .308 sniper rifle with 22 power scope on it. AR-15 was nice as hell to shoot. On the sniper rifle I had some good clusters (3 shot clusters, 1 to 2 inches together) and was the only one to get a dead bulleye at 100 yards.

P.S. Wife said to say she shot the AR-15 and sniper rifle good also, she got all her shots on the sniper rifle in a 5 inch cluster and it's the first time she ever shot any type of gun other than our Bersa 380.

P.S.S. Now that the wife has shot an AR-15 I can definitely get one as she really liked shooting it and wants to shoot one some more.:mamoru:


New Member
Nov 15, 2006
Bellwood, PA
I can't shake the idea of getting an FNP45 soon. I want to fondle one first though. Plus I'm hoping to get a better idea of FN fixing all the little issues people have had with them before I get one.


Formerly of :Sep 2001: fame - Also: Sprout Crew
Nov 7, 2005
Back in VA
Took my Colt to the range today for the first time since getting it back for a reliability workover. (I was having a lot of Failures to Eject.) No problems over ~90 shots except for one FTF out of a mag I've had issues with previously. I won't use that mag ever again. Obviously 90 shots isn't enough to go back to carrying the 1911 yet but it's a good start. :) (I would've shot it a lot more but I was there helping a co-worker choose a weapon. )

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