MIL Ranger and I need input for some weekly stickies.

Discussion in 'On Topic' started by C5Load, May 27, 2005.

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  1. C5Load

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    Ranger and I have been discussing 2 new weekly ideas here... one of mine, and one of his. I'll leave his for him to discuss, but here we go.

    I want to have a weekly : "This is me, this is what I do" sort of thread. What I want is a decent sized post with a short biography of your time in the service including:

    -Your job. What's your normal day at work like? What AFSC or MOS are you?
    -Your work hours
    -Any strange experiences you might have had
    -Your view on your time in the military, positive or negative. I realize we aren't all completely happy being in the service, and I want to understand it from everyone's perspective.
    -How the training for your job was
    -How boot camp went.

    I want us to all get a different perspective on what it's like on the other side.

    Yes, I realize this is a lot to be asking out of some people, but I'm sure enough of us are up for it. I'm hoping we have this forum for a long time, so we might as well get settled in and get to know eachother. We'll start this out on Monday morning. If you're interested in doing a writeup, please feel free to PM me at any time.

    also remember, this is YOUR forum. If anyone has any ideas, don't hesitate to ask

    week 1: darkphantom.
    week 2: killgunner.
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  2. Ranger-AO

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    Another idea we have talked about is a recurring sticky where you relate your personal military-related story.

    Anyone who has been in the military for any length of time has heard some story that usually starts with "This ain't no bullshit!" Well, we want your story. Have you done or seen something that made your eyes pop out or that seemed incredible to you or others when it happened? That's what we want. :eek3: Have you ever told someone about something you've done while in the military and someone looked at you as if to say, "That couldn't have happened"? That's the story we're looking for. :eek4:

    If you have pictures, that's an added bonus. If you have links, we want them too. But the most important aspect of this sticky will be the story itself. As we all know, the very best "This ain't no bullshit" stories are an artful blend of pure fact and diluted manure. :mamoru: So tell us your story. This will be your "This ain't no bullshit" fifteen minutes of fame.

    This recurring sticky will happen as often or as rarely as needed. If you have a story you want to sticky, send either C5LOAD or myself a PM and we'll work with you on it. If there are two in one week, and none for a couple of weeks, that's okay. This is your forum. Your moment in the spotlight. WOW us with your not-quite-bullshit experience! :bigthumb:
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