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Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by Wiseguy, Apr 6, 2005.

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    Do you want to run a website instead of always coming to the same place you have no stake over? Well, now is your chance. RapIncorporated.Com, along with RapIncorporated.Net (forums) are available to purchase.

    What does it come with?

    - Main page already completed (layout, coded, scripted) and updated to the point you take over. Every menu/section of the site is finished.

    - Hosting that doesn't expire until December 2005 (Around $340 bucks in itself) at TheHostRack.Com (Platinum Plan).
    + 2200 megabytes storage
    + 60 gigabytes bandwith
    + Unlimited FTP Accounts
    See More @ http://www.thehostrack.com/services/virtual/

    - A website that already brings in well over 800,000 hits a month.

    - 2 Domain names: RapIncorporated.Com and RapIncorporated.Net that don't expire for 2 years!

    - 2 Domain names: HipHopCNN.Com and RapCNN.Com (redirect to RapIncorporated.Com) for 1 year!

    - A vBulletin (5.0, works, no bugs) forum that is already set-up, with 3 custom skins (CURRENTLY: Threads: 1,072, Posts: 4,850, Members: 479)

    - Advertising at nycphatmixtapes.com (official G-Unit DJ's site) for around a month if you purchase it now.

    - Comes With A Hide Hack ($30 from vBulletin, zip file)

    Why am I selling this? I am in the pursuit of a music career, and I no longer have the available time to update the site and keep it going like I once thought I would be. It's a great site, that has had a following increase, only been open 5 months and the numbers are exceed that time-frame. It can only get better, but not with me, you!

    Total I've spent would probably be over 1,000 dollars, and no, I'm not expecting that type of money for the site, but within reason.

    Serious buyers, only!

    List your price in an email if you're serious on buying the site, all information will be handed over to you, and I will help as much as I can when you take over so you get use to it.

    Ben 'Wiseguy' Janu
    [email protected]
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