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    New interview with Rashad Evans.

    His thoughts on Machida...

    "I thought he had an excellent performance. I’m not one of the Machida naysayers. I always felt that he had skills. We took flack for pretty much the same thing. He was called a boring fighter and so was I, but I think he’s starting to come into his own and he’s doing what he can do. He’s dangerous. I’m starting to see this dude and I’m like, 'This guy is a lot better than we thought.' Now fighters are confused and they don’t know what to do."

    On GSP...

    "Instead of just saying it, thinking it or doing it sporadically, he will do it every day. You do little things like that all of the time, you start to chip away at becoming the best you could be and then, pretty soon, the gap between you and the guy that’s behind you is so far, it sneaks up on you. It’s like, 'I didn’t even know I was this far ahead of the competition.' He does all of the little things. He hangs out and has a good time, but he doesn’t party and use hard drugs. He takes care of his body and he respects his body. He doesn’t overindulge in too much of anything. He has fun after his fights. He will probably hang out for maybe 3 or 4 days and next thing you know, he’s in Brazil or New York City with Phil Nurse; somewhere learning."

    On BJ Penn...

    "I love BJ Penn man. BJ Penn is probably my favorite fighter. He pitted himself in an awkward corner. He came out of character because the person you saw on those countdown shows, that’s not BJ at all. BJ is the kind of dude that shows you so much love. BJ is one of those people that when he asks you how you’re doing, he really wants to know how you’re doing. He’s not saying it as a conversation piece. He looks you in your eyes and gives you a hug when he greets you. He shows that kind of love and respect. So to see him like that, maybe that’s why he was a little bit cloudy because he knows he really wasn’t true to himself the whole time. It may have taken a lot out of him mentally. It’s tough to go in there knowing you weren’t true to yourself from the beginning."

    On meeting Mike Tyson...

    "I was like, 'Man!' I couldn’t believe my eyes. That’s when it comes to you and you realize what you’re doing in life. Moments like that show you how far you have come in life and how different your life is now. This is something I used to imagine. I’m standing in a room with Mike Tyson; somebody I grew up watching on TV. It was just a few years ago where I was mesmerized by him and I never thought I would be in the same room as him. It’s crazy just to know that…that’s how big this sport has gotten. Being in this sport when it wasn’t that poppin’ and now it’s like Mike Tyson is watching and he knows who I’m fighting. He knows who I’m fighting."

    A lot more in the full interview:

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