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    I'm 5'4'' 163 pounds, probably +25% bf (just based on pics of other people [if anyone can give me a good idea based on pics i can send pics]).

    I've been doing a lot of martial arts to get into shape i've lots a lot of weight, and felt kinda gross and saggy so i started lifting weights, now i feel a lot better about myself.

    I've been taking my martial arts training seriously, but now I want to supplement a workout that can help me excel.

    Lose some more body fat (main goal is to lose my man boobs)
    Increase my cardio/conditioning
    Be more explosive in my movements/acts
    Be lighter on my feet (in sparring)
    To be able to run a mile in 6 minutes (this is more of a long term goal, Bruce Lee said that if you cant run a mile in 6 minutes you have no business being in martial arts)

    Muay thai class (the usual break down, slight variations on the times between different instructors)

    10 minutes of skipping/aerobic exercises
    20 minutes of pad work
    20 minutes of holding pads
    10 minutes of abs/conditioning

    JKD class - mostly technical (some times there is tons of cardio especially during

    Hill sprints (i dont know how long my hill is but it takes me roughly 12-14 seconds to run up it)

    Complex Training: Heavy weights (3 reps) -> high intensive plyometrics (10 reps) for explosiveness

    According to the readings i've been doing the heavy weights will activate the slow twitch fibers, and the plyometrics should be done with a minute of the heavy lifting to activate the fast twitch muscles.



    1 hour muay thai/grappling
    1 hour bjj


    30 minutes kettlebell
    1 hour muay thai


    2 hour jkd
    1.5 kilometer jog
    hill sprints (in may I was able to do 13, this last Tuesday I was up to 19)
    1.5 kilometer jog

    Wed REST


    1 hour muay thai
    2 hour jkd


    1.5 kilometer jog
    Complex Training: PUSH
    Bench X3 -> plyometric push up x10
    Shoulder press x3 -> punch ups x10
    Squat x3 -> box jumps x10
    1.5 kilometre jog


    1.5 kilometre jog
    Complex Training: PULL
    dead lift 3x 10reps -> (i dont know if there is a plyometric exercise I can do with dead lifts)
    bent over row x3 -> cable pull x10
    chin up x3 - > lat pull down x10
    1.5 kilometre jog
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