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  1. so far it's just design, but nearing the finishing touches before i start implementing everything out into my cms. before you bash on the colors, they were given to me as part of an assignment. i was to design a site around those three colors and since i wanted to publish a css/flash/design blog anyway, thought i'd kill 2 birds with 1 stone.

    the blog will not be very visual. it will be mostly code/programming and freelancing and how life is being a student approaching the industry. i don't plan to market the site out very much either. just something to share between local friends that i've done work with, other students, teachers and some people who keep track of my work online. there will be a few photos here and there i guess when showing screenshots of finished projects or when i talk about hardware or flash, but nothing too image-heavy.


    i wasn't too sure if i could pull off something like that in wordpress since i've never used it before nor have i looked at the source css files that wordpress uses, so i decided to just do it all from scratch. still going to refine the typography a bit more, especially the recent blog entries.

    also if any of you are curious at checking out the buildup process, here are 12 screenshots (better to view them in order). the 3 circles are simply there for me to eyedrop when i needed to. they are not part of the design at all.


    critiques and comments are welcome. :wavey:

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    If you're going to use wordpress, create your style's template first and then worry about the design that will make that template.
  3. actually i'm not using wordpress. i'm using a cms i put together, which i'm still working on but is near completion. i just mentioned wordpress because i wasn't too sure if i could pull off that design in wordpress, that's all. because i believe with wordpress, you're pretty much limited to one of their basic column, 2-column layouts and then designing after choosing the layout if i'm not mistaken? :dunno:
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    Couldn't be further from the truth :o

    WP is quite the flexible software.
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    I've played with wordpress quite a bit. If you just snag the generic template and look at the code you'll figure out how to use all of the elements and put them where you want
  6. had no idea. :o i know you could modify their css files but i thought it was only to some extent.
  7. so i bit the bullet and went ahead and decided to use wordpress. already setup my database and some sample content. now just need to open up the php/css files and start slicing up some of the elements that i'll need.

    do most wordpress developers use the default theme's source files to build up their blogs? or is there a generic blog theme that i can download somewhere and use?

    and i took a look at the files that i may need to edit. wordpress' custom functions are really owning me right now. :o
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    I use the default theme and carry the basic variable calls into my own theme.
  9. damn that's a good idea. :o. I already started modifying the classic theme. you wouldnt happen to know where the functions are stored in that theme would you? the functions file doesn't hold them for some reason and I'm trying to modify the date format.
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    i think you can do that in the settings.
  11. ahh thanks for that..found it!
  12. here's the latest revision. i think this will be the final one, with the exception for the older/newer posts links.

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    I dig the colors but find them hard to read in some circumstances
  14. my friend was saying to add a dimmer switch to place an opaque div over everything because it was too colorful when the lights were off :o
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    I also think it will be better when its actually in html format and the fonts arent all smoothed out
  16. i think you're right. i've been checking out the design on my wordpress and it looks way better. just need to finish up some of the other graphic elements that i still need to slice up and massage the css a bit more.

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