TECH rca vs component vid cables

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Is there any diff between the two I have been using regular rca's from the dvd to the tv but the color isn't comming through right,do I need to use actual componet vid cables???pr do I need to hook up the s-video cable additionally to the component cables(I wouldn't think so seeing they both deal with color clarity signal)
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there is 3 types of video signals on avg for hom euse

composite = one yellow rca plug
s video = one din style plug that looks like a keyboard plug
component= three rca plugs colored red green and blue

i listed them in worst to best order

if your tv has component video input which means there will be 5 rcas total if you are hooking up audio as well youll want to use them if not go with the Svideo instead.

regardless of which you do only hook one of them up at once so either composite or s video or component dont do both of any..

as an example here is my sat receiver

youll see the 3 wires on the left is component then next is the 2 audios and the other plug is optical i wasnt sure if it output sound all the time so better be safe than sorry
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