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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by 5Gen_Prelude, May 20, 2008.

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    So here's a good one that is baffling me. One of our firewalls decided to take a dump. We're closing the office in 2 weeks, so rather than spend a whackload of money, I decided to grap a Linksys VPN Enpoint router to get us by. At the same time, unfortunately, my manager upgraded the main firewall's software. For the most part, this has worked like a charm, except for two minor problems.

    One, which I know is the firewall doing something, is that you can no longer surf the internet from home via a PPTP connection. But it's not blocking all traffic. If I go to www.google.com or www.sony.com, it works fine. However, subsequent pages from either site timeout. Other sites like OT or even CDW don't load at all (timeout). Now I'm 99% sure it's a setting in the firewall but it's rather weird that it's not blocking all traffic. I state this more annecdotally than anything as it's a setting or a problem with the firewall's software

    Two, is either the firewall that has been upgraded, the new linksys VPN endpoint, or a combination of the two. Again, through PPTP connections, I can RDP into the W2K3 box at the remote office. But I cannot RDP into any of the XP SP2 workstations at that office. If I'm physically at the main office, no problems. I can however remote into other workstations elsewhere on the network (and at other offices), which leads me to believe that it is indeed at least partly the Linksys's fault, but knowing that problem one exists as well, doesn't eliminate it being the problem too.

    Any ideas?

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