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Discussion in 'Vaginarium' started by Dominion, May 5, 2006.

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    Ok so about 9 months ago I had to take my labret peircing out (much to my fiancee's dismay) for a job. It has since of course healed, tonight I discovered that the front is still very much open and there is very little that I would have to poke through to reopen the peircing. I definatly want to do this but have a couple questions for some of you guys that have alot of peircings.

    I know theres nothing wrong with self peircing but I want to make sure I go about it the right way, the way I used to re-open my ears (which have had a peircing in them off and on) was to get a three ring notebook, bend off an end, straighten it and just poke it on through. Now I know thats NOT the best way to do things, I never did get an infection from that but it always worked, was small enough that it never caused a big problem.

    What is the best way to make sure whatever I use is sterile, there is very little skin that would be in the way so I don't feel the need to get anything special to do it with, I figured I'd do the same as my ear with the thing sterile as possible, sharpen the end and poke it on through. Then feed a 14 or maybe even 16ga post to just hold the hole open, after the swelling went down go ahead and feed in a larger post. The membranes in the mouth are fairly easy to peirce and heal quickly, I figure most of the original peircing won't play a role considering it was the outer part of the lip that caused the most swelling. And of course I would do standard aftercare, anti-bac soap and non-alcohol based mouth wash.

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    I took out my nose stud for a few months and the hole closed. I missed the piercing so I tried to put it back in. I couldn't get the stud back in, but I could fit a regular (ear) piercing stud with the sharp end. I went to a piercing studio where they stretched the hole and were able to put back my stud.

    It was very painful, but I didn't have to have it re-pierced :dunno:
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    Only what to make sure everything is sterile is to have it sterilized. The best you can do is make it clean.

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