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Discussion in 'Yard Sale' started by HardTech, Aug 10, 2004.

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    Your post will get locked if you don't follow these rules. Some of these offenses are bannable, so if you value your OT account, err on the side of conservatism. Repeat violations will be dealt with PERMA-BAN!

    1. Be clear in your title, list it as either FS: (for sale) or WTB: (want to buy) or FT: (for trade)
    2. Group up similar items into a single post
    3. Post a price (not the price you paid)
    4. No illegal stuff
    5. No businesses/freelance work (unless you get permission from Fazle first)
    6. No auctions or links to auctions
    7. You may not sell (but you may buy) the following items:
    - Game accounts
    - Websites
    - Other non-tangible item
    8. No separate Paypal fees and no 'gifting' this violates Paypal TOS.
    9. No "feeler" threads, if you are ready to sell post a price and sell it, if not don't post

    Your transactions will be smoother and safer if you follow these guidelines.

    1. Research who you are dealing with
    2. Only sell what you have in your possession
    3. Use Heatware and the Feedback Forum if you can use both; use Heatware if you can only use one
    4. Post pictures of the items for sale
    5. Limit bumps to 4 hours
    6. List what payment methods you accept
    7. List alternative contact methods besides PM
    8. Post your location

    Don't trust someone just because they've been a member for a long time. Check references. Ask around. See this thread for more advice: http://forums.offtopic.com/showthread.php?t=3422071

    Have questions? PM one of the mods.
    Don't like the rules? I'm sorry.

    love always,
    HardTech and alex
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