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    Posts are not to be linked to outside of FS.
    This includes post content and reposting (copy/paste) material from FS anywhere else without the original poster's consent. If we catch anyone doing this, it WILL RESULT IN A BAN!!!! If you should see anyone doing this, please PM an smod or FS mod. (please try to include links to specific posts)

    FS is a flame free forum.
    No flaming, even if the person flames first. If someone does flame or is rude, only one person needs to remind them that it's not acceptable here and they need to do it nicely. If someone is consistently doing so, contact a mod, that's what we're here for. Also, what's different here, is when someone posts their pic or a pic of their SO, if you don't like it or have nothing good to say, back out of the thread. This isn't the main forum. We want people to continue to share.

    If something is posted that you don’t agree with, something you find disconcerting/gross/etc, don’t attack/flame over it. Everyone has different standards; everyone has different ideas about what is sexy. The fact that you don’t agree does not mean you can flame. If you have concerns about safety/legality of something, you can voice them. Just do so in a manner that lets people see you are concerned and maintain a good fellowship at all times. Drama doesn’t need to come into or go out of FS. If something is posted here don't take it out of here. If you have a problem with anything, contact us.

    Pics in FS are volunteer only.
    If someone wants to share pics - please post in the appropriate dedicated pic thread if possible. Please do not request any pictures from anyone.

    Posting pictures of a person under the age of 18 will result in a ban. Please keep your underage material off The Terms of Service at the bottom of this page has additional requirements and rules you must abide by.

    1) pics absolutely must be 18+. Anyone posting pictures that might have even the slightest sexual connotation with an underage person in FS will be banned and pruned without question.

    2) pics must either be of you or taken by you. Anything questionable will be deleted. Repeat offenses may earn you a vacation and loss of posts.

    3) absolutely no commercial content. FS is NOT the new OTAH. Follow rule #2 and there shouldn't be a problem.

    If you have a question about a pic, ask a mod BEFORE you post it.

    Anonymous Posts
    If you pm any FS mod, we'll be happy to start a thread and/or offer responses for you anonymously.

    FS is not for the swapping of porn site passes or the solicitation of such passes.
    Pay for the site or find your information elsewhere. If you're looking for porn, try asking in the main forum.

    Mod contacts:
    hopeleslylonely: via pm, [email protected], or aim: Hopeleslylonely
    RougeOgre: via pm, [email protected] or YIM: rougeogre
    TigreTek: via PM, [email protected], or aim: TigreTek
    Fazle (Site Admin): [email protected] AIM: freakyshiat

    We want this forum as fun as you want it to be, and we'll do as much as possible. We are available through PM, AIM, and E-mail.

    Also, please read the overall rules for the site Here
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    No AV, No Care does not belong in here.

    No AV, No Care does not belong in here.

    we care what you have to say, even if you're a cheap bastard that won't support the site, i swear.

    same goes for reg dates.

    got something smart to say? stuff it in your ass, we don't want to hear it.

    also, FS mods will be gladly handing out bans for those of you who can't treat others with some modicum of civility. if you can't be respectful, we'll give you enough time off to figure it out before you get back.

    some people will find that they can't get in to FS once they get back from their bans, anyone else want out?

    the rest of you: if you see something wrong, TELL US. don't argue it out with people as it just makes the thread go to shit.

    I've had to remove bogus pics from the post your pic/parts threads. repeat offenders will win a free vacation

    got a problem with the moderation? toss us a PM or post or whatever. we'll fix it.
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