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    Top 5% of my highschool class, at Northeastern University Honors program now on a merit scholarship.
    Majoring in Criminal Justice.
    2 years left of undergraduate study (5 year program), will be 22 when I graduate.

    Career wise I want to look at graduate school for international affairs or international security; however, I am also considering the military as an option due to the direct involvement in international affairs (obviously) as opposed to a diplomatic involvement which I have experienced and find unsatisfactory (spent a month at the United Nations in Switzerland studying/meeting with ambassadors).

    1) What branch would be best for my interests and where would I fall as an officer/recruit if I did join?
    2) What is the situation with schooling if I do join a branch? Is graduate school then paid for by the military? (not looking to join and sit out my time for the free grad school, just would like to go either way if I join or not)
    3) Any other general advice people with experience can apply to my situation?
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    This can only be decided by you. Each branch has it's differences and drawbacks.
    Graduate school is paid for up to $4500 per year for most branches. Post 9/11 GI Bill will pay up to the maximum amount of tuition that a public school charges in the state of the University you are attending.
    Stay in school and get your masters, join up and use the military to pay for your PhD.

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