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    Well, this looks to be about the best spot to post this so here goes...

    I've been writing a VB app in my spare time for the better part of a year and a half and I've now decided to add some of my SE T637's functionality to it. I've recently discovered that thru the use of AT commands I can manipulate the hook control, dial numbers, read the phonebook, etc. I've got a SE technical document on all the supported AT commands, but the part on thow to retrieve SMS messages from the phone is a bit sketchy.

    So far what I'm doing is the following (in bold are the commands I'm typing, italics are my notes and regular type is the result codes from the phone to the terminal):

    AT+CNMI=2,1,0,0,0 Tells the phone to send the unsolicited result code to the terminal when a new message arrives

    +CMTI: "ME",25 This is the result code that I get when a text message comes in. the ME means that it's stored in phone memory and not on the SIM, 25 is the memory location

    Now, i'm supposed to be able to type AT+CMGL and get a message listing, but all I get is OK. I think it's because the AT+CMGL command is trying to list the messages on the sim card by default (and since there aren't any it just returns OK), and I can't find any AT commands that tell it to look in the phone memory.

    The PDF that lists all the supported AT commands can be found at . i've also been referencing this website as well, . Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks ;)

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