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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Soren, Nov 3, 2009.

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    for some reason i lost all my windows sounds and flash audio (youtube, etc...) [while media files on my computer played fine] after many hours of googling and trying different things and uninstalling/renistalling the drivers for the realtek ac97 card, i discovered that if I change the sound effect setting to something like "opera" or "quarry" blah blah, I get sound.

    the problem is the effects are really bad, they ruin everything with echoes, volume , etc.. and if i change the sound effect back to "<none>" i lose windows/internet audio again.

    what can i do? this sound manager thing comes with both the latest drivers and the CD drivers, and disabling it wont do any good because the settings it has effect all my audio.

    any ideas?

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    This ^

    I would also consider checking for the newest BIOS update for your motherboard (assuming this is an integrated soundcard, and not an expansion). On that same manufacturer site you'll be able to find the "newest" drivers to install on your system. Finally, you don't have another sound card in your system, right? (I've seen this problem when users have a creative card installed, but are using the integrated card).

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