Rebuilding my system + looking for critiques

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by C32, Mar 1, 2007.

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    OK, so I'm looking to upgrade my car's system and replace some things that were stolen. Basically, I need a good amp for my 2 ohm 12w3 and ideas for good components that I can power with my existing 55w x 4 amp.

    What I have:
    Front Stage - Boston RX 4" speakers (that's the factory speaker size :( )
    Rear Fill - Rockford Fosgate 50w RMS 6.5" coaxials
    Amp - Alpine MRV-F340 -- 55w x 4 powering the above speakers
    Sub - JL 12w3v2d2

    In the Mail:
    Alpine 9855 (replacing my stolen 9807)

    What I Need:
    Sub Amp - I'm looking to spend ~$200ish. Thinking about a kicker ZX400.1 from ebay, or a JL 250/1 if I end up splurging. Will it make a difference to my 12w3 which amp I get?

    Sub Box - I have a blown 2002 or 2003 Kicker Comp w/ the factory kicker box. Sorry, I dunno the dimensions. Would that box work well for my 12w3?

    Upgraded Front Stage - I was thinking about the JL VR650-CSi components. Others seem to want more power. Any suggestions for separates that sound good with 55 watts?

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