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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Kerpal, Jul 6, 2004.

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    I'm going to help my friend put a new system in the Integra he's buying from me. I'm a bit out of the loop on what products are good right now. We want to build something with good sound quality and decent volume, that will sound good with various types of music.

    I'm pretty sure we'll go Alpine for the h/u. We need to decide on a compnent set for the front (6.5" 2 way) and subs (will probably go 2 10's, but maybe a single 10 or 12) and either a good 4 channel amp or 2 amps of the same brand.

    Looking to spend around $100-175 for the component set and possibly a set of matching midbass drivers (for rear fill); $150-225 for subs, and under $375 for amp(s). Sounds like a tight budget, but from looking around on ebay and forums we should still be able to get pretty nice stuff for these prices. Going used on the amps isn't out of the question if it would net much better ones. The goal for this system is basically to see how little we can spend and still get very good sound.

    Any reccomendation on what brands & models to look into?
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    I am currently installing this setup into my friends dakota. I think it will give good clean sound for pretty cheap.

    CDT Cl-61a - - $149 + 15% off = 127 + shipping

    HiFonics Warrior Falcon - $105 + shipping

    HiFonics Warrior Merlin - $155 + shipping

    ID 12v.3/d4 - $160 + 15% off & free shipping = $136 shipped.

    Total: 523 + shipping

    The falcon puts out 90wrms which is the rating on the CDT's. The CDT's are available with either a silk or titanium tweeter. The Warrior puts out about 300wrms into 2 ohms, the ID 12 is rated at 250wrms. Dual 4 ohm coils will allow you to wire it to a 2ohm load. All items are brand new and are from factory authorized resellers so you get a full factory warranty. If you find any of the items cheaper online both stores offer pricematching.
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    As far as componets, the CDT's mentioned above are pretty nice. Just so you can extend your budget a little bit more, I'd say forget a rear fill. My reasoning behind this is from doing my friend's DB. As for a sub, there's a couple of Image Dynamics IDQ's on ebay going for abour $100 and they're probably one of the better subs you can get as far as sound quality. As far as an amp is concerned, you can run something like a Phoenix Gold Tantrum 600.4 and run it as a 3-ch amp. Basically, it should run like this:
    CH-1: Left front speaker
    CH-2: Right front speaker
    CH-3&4 (bridged): Sub

    It won't be the loudest thing on the block, but it'll definetly sound very clean.
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    Cystal CSC components or the CDT CL's would be ur best bet. A profile ca400 would work perfect for either as well and will only cost u like 90 bucks. check

    For the subwoofer id recommend 2 12" Resonant Engineering RE series subs and a nice 400-600 watt amp to power em. or if u can bump the budget up and RE SX would be sweet off a hifonics bx1000d.

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