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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Lempdoe, Jun 14, 2002.

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    I'm going to be getting a new car soon (5th gen Prelude), and I'm going to transfer some of my current system into that as well as add some new stuff.

    Here's what I have:
    Pioneer DEH-840MP
    RF 360a2
    2 10" IDQ v2 dvc 4ohm subs

    Right now I have eclipse 6.5's and 6x9's, but I'm going to leave them in the car with my old aiwa cd player for my bro's gf (who is buying the car).

    What components do you recommend? I would also need an amp and new speakers for the deck. I want a clean system that sounds great but can also get LOUD when necessary. Price isn't a huge factorbut I don't want to spend $5k on this.....honestly, I really don't know what to expect with price.

    Oh, I'm also going to have my local stereo shop build me a custom box for the subs, my friend works there and said he'll set me up with something (I think ~$200?)

    Thanks :)

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