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    Well I've been detailing now for 3 years and have finally decided on a company's product line for my cleaning needs.


    Here are the products and their costs that I use. All of these can be found at Home Depot.

    Purple Degreaser
    35.90=5 gallons
    10:1 for tires, wheels, and wells. I also use it at this dilution for heavy bug coverage but expect to replace wax/sealant. I also use it on the lower rocker panels for grime removal. It cuts brake dust as well as anything I've used. This saves money once again. Perfect on engine bays as well. I do use at 4:1 for very neglected tires and wheels. 20:1 makes for a very good carpet/mat cleaner and cleans plastic panels safely. I use one cup in the wash for my MF towels as well.

    Commercial Glass Cleaner
    12.90=1 gallon
    One gallon makes 32 gallons.....seriously. You will only buy one gallon a year if not longer than that. Tint safe and works very well in the sun. It can be used as a light APC as well and work perfect on LCD screens.

    Premium Carpet Cleaner
    Mix it at 30:1 and you get 30 gallons out of 1 bottle. It cleans, deodorizes, and softens carpets. Works in all extractors. Perfect on upholstery and leather.

    Odor Eliminator
    5.90=1 can (aerosol)
    Simply the best at removing smoke and any other harsh odors. Sprays upside down so it can be used on the head liner. I close all windows and turn the car on with eh A/C on recirculating. I spray the interior well and close the door. This way it goes into the vents as well. Hit the truck/hatch as well.


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