**Record Breaking 240sx for Sale**

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    Hi All,

    I am the owner of Duy's original 1995 240sx SE. This is the car that broke all sorts of records with the KA24DE. Since then the car has had a lot of upgrades. I am selling the car because it is time for me to move on. I just do not have the time that the car needs, since I am a new Father that recently lost my Wife (that has a lot to do with the sale BTW).

    I am in the middle of the build and I am willing to sell everything together or separately, but I am going to try to keep it together first. The car only needs a little bit more money to be a 10 second car again or even 9's. It could also be set up for drifting as well, whatever the buyer decides. The car has been in my garage for the last 6 years and has not run, I have been overwhelmed with bills and other things.

    Link on the build:

    So Pictures and Specs:



    The Motor Included

    Spec's on the Chassis:
    ~Top Notch Silver Paint Job with Metallic flakes
    ~JUN front Bumper & JUN rear wing
    ~2 piece racing wheels 8x18 frnt 10.5x18 rear
    ~Kumho 712's with 50% tread left
    ~300zx Twin Turbo Brake upgrade cross-drilled rotors
    ~Ground Control coilovers w/ Koni shocks
    ~Megan Rear Upper Control Arms (Gives the rear wheels 0 camber perfect for drag)
    ~Cusco LSD
    ~Carbon Fiber Hood
    ~6 point Crome Moly Roll Cage (painted black)
    ~Trust Intercooler
    ~Full S14 Leather interior
    ~Apexi GT Spec Exhaust 3" + all the way back
    ~JBL front door speakers very light weight
    ~Optima racing Battery; relocated in trunk with racing mount
    ~Nitrous bracket and 32 lb tank (HUGE)
    ~300zx Twin Turbo Fuel pump
    ~Line Lock with interior switch
    ~3 BAR MAP sensor
    ~Haltech Flying lead wiring
    ~5 point racing harness
    ~Kill Switch mounted in rear
    ~Greddy Profec B boost controller
    ~Unorthodox Under drive pulley
    ~8.5mm spark plug wires
    ~Hood Pins
    ~Silvia Badge
    ~Flex-a-Lite Dual Elec Fan (brand new)

    ~KA24DE Iron Block bored .040 over
    ~Block hot tanked, cleaned, painted
    ~New Crank kit & Main Bearings
    ~New freeze plugs
    ~New oil Squirts
    ~Crower Rods w/ ARP rod bolts
    ~New JE Pistons 10.5:1, rings, new thick style wrist pins
    ~Cometic Head gasket
    ~Assembled by General Crankshaft Machine shop technicians
    ~Stock Head
    ~ARP Head studs & Main bolts
    ~Crower Stage 2 Cams (not installed yet)
    ~ACT 6-puck unsprung Competition clutch
    ~Flywheel & Clutch recently surfaced @ Godwin and Singer
    ~5 speed Tranny w/ apx. 22k miles

    Turbo Stuff:
    ~Brand New GT35R T4 ext .82 V-Band Ball Bearing
    ~Ground Zero Motorsports Tubular Exhaust manifold T4 Flange
    ~Tial 38mm External Wastegate w/ dump tube
    ~3" Aluminum IC piping
    ~Huge New Air Filter Cone style
    ~KA24DE Intake Manifold with Custom Plenum short runners *Polished*
    ~WILSON Throttle Body (largest one I could get for the KA) NEW

    Old Turbo Stuff:
    ~Rev Hard Exhaust manifold (log style) T4 flange
    ~Rev Hard Downpipe w/ 02 bung & A/F bung
    ~Single Flex-a-Lite Fan electric

    ~RX-7 FD3 wheels w/ Mickey Thompson ET Streets
    ~Two Stock S14 SE 5 spoke wheels w/ tires
    ~Nitrous Express 32lb tank (looks like a scuba tank)
    ~Autometer A-Pillar gauge pods 2
    ~MSD Tach Adapter
    ~B&M Racing Short Shifter
    ~5 point racing harness
    ~Momo Shift knob & boot

    The car itself only has 81k miles and the motor obviously is a fresh build 0 miles. I love this car beyond words. I have been through a lot lately and need to sell.

    Any Questions Please Email:
    [email protected]
    or call
    Email will be easier.

    The car's best run was [email protected] I have videos of lots of good times. There was a time when this car ran down the some of the fastest car's in Tampa,FL and Austin,TX. Enthaply's S13 rocket, Eric (MR Two) Eclipse that was a monster, a few domestics with lots of spray, etc the list is long and not to mention what it did in Texas.

    I am flexible with the price. I would like to sell everything @ once.... But I might part it. MAKE AN REASONABLE OFFER!!! I have lots of receipts.

    Note: The picture of the motor is before the custom intake manifold and WILSON Throttle body.
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    nice car but it doesnt look JDM enough for some reason.....
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    Random Location.FL

    Get a better air dam and paint the hood. SLEEPER!

    My condolences on your situation. Great looking build.
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    Ontario, Canada
    serious shit man, nice s14. Good luck with the sale.
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    This is TRUE. This car is a maniac with 600whp+

    And the look on people faces when your on the street is Priceless.

    I will miss it forever but one look at my Son and I know its the right move.

    THanks for the compliments.
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    mad illmatic, son

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