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Resident Negro
Mar 12, 2006
Memphis, TN

Technically I would have posted this first, but see what had happened was...

My wife actually decided to try watching one Best of the Worst episodes with me a few days ago, and she ended up watching two of them and seems to genually like them so far...

So we had just finished watching the latest Love After Lockup, and when I closed that window out (all my TVs have a PC connected to em for HTPC) she saw one I was watching earlier this morning, an episode with Mac on it. And she started talking about how he doesn't look as bad people claimed they were, and I agreed and she was like, well I guess we can watch this one before I go to bed.

So we're watching it, laughing, having a good ol' time with these hacks...and then happened...

She was like HOLD UP, WAIT A MINUTE! I was like uh oh, here it comes...

She rewinds it and is like, that's Piper, I went to high school with her!!! I was like :eek3: Also, keep in mind the even bigger reason why this is such a fucking shocker, they went to high school in GERMANY. :rofl:

HOW DOES THIS EVEN HAPPEN? The third episode she watches and she sees someone she knows on a Best of the Worst episode? LOL. And was from the Orgasmic Births episode. :bowrofl:

The chick in question has 6 kids and currently has one in the oven now. I told her she needs to hit her up and be like " you still have orgasmic births?" :rofl:




Resident Negro
Mar 12, 2006
Memphis, TN
That's wild! Yeah, she's gotta tease the friend just a little.
Definitely reminding her today when she gets home. I wonder if I could possibly setup an interview with her and RLM. That would be quite interesting. I mean, they've brought on writer/directors, why not an "actor" from a film they've reviewed. :x:
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Judge Judy and Executioner
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Jun 30, 2003
There should be a new Re:View every day. That's my favorite RLM series.

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