Redoing my home theater room(long with questions at end)...

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    No pics yet but I will try and get some pictures as the process goes on. What I have is a 10x20 room where all my home theater stuff resides.

    What I am planning on doing is a couple stage process:

    First stage is all the astethics:
    1 - Replace the crappy couch with something nicer. What I ended up getting and it will be in on Friday is what everyone has nicknamed the "Fear of Intimacy" couch. Basically it is a recliner on one side with a center console and then another recliner attached. Also, replaced the table that is in there.
    2 - New componenet rack. Everything in the room as far as tv/dvd rack/speakers is all black. The components reside on a ugly 25 inch TV stand that is particle board color.
    3 - Speaker stands for the rear speakers. Right now they are on end tables that are ugly as sin.
    4 - Painting the room. It is kindof a light brown color and I want to do a darker brown color to match the couch.
    5 - Red velvet curtains throughout. Right now there is an entrance way and it has 2 there but I want to add another set and then go ahead and add some over the main window in the room. My goal is that the room can be pretty close to pitch dark.

    The second phase will deal with lighting:
    1 - Basically the only light in the room is provided through a floor lamp. I would like to put 6 can lights in. 2 in the rear of the room 2 in the middle and then 2 in the front. The 2 in the front will be on one dimmer since it reisdes behind the TV. The other 4 on a seperate dimmer.
    2 - Remote control capable of handling all of the components and also the dimmers. Macros would be a huge plus. Would like when I hit play on the DVD it goes and and shuts the four lights off and then dims the 2 behind the rear. Pause dims the four lights and turning off turns the lights on.

    The 3rd part is the meat and potatos:
    1 - Replace all the speakers. Right now I have a polk audio center and a sony 10 inch sub, 2 floorstandings in the front, and finally 2 bookshelves in the rear. Already have my heart set on Klipsch RC35 in the center, RC25 for the sides, and the RB25 in the rear.

    1 - What is everyone using for component racks: I found looking around. Has anyone had any luck with this?

    2 - Same for speaker stands. I was thinking of in either the 30 or 24 inches. Where do you want the rear speakers located at as far as eye level or sitting down?

    3 - Good place to buy heavy drapes online? I have checked the local stores and they want about 80 bucks/pair for the ones I want.

    4 - Any constructive critiscm?


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    Hell A.
    Sure.. As I'm planning to do a home theatre setup in the future, I have some ideas.

    -)don't do the asthetics first. I mean, by all means plan, but I would decide where your speakers are going, if you're going to have front projection, curtains, in wall wiring, etc. Find out if you need to do that, and if you have to rip out walls ahead of time. Everything looks much cleaner when all the wires are under the floor and in the walls.
    -)Sound damping and control. Do you want better acoustics? Adding in wall sound dampening will help out tremendously, both with your neighbors and with your ears!
    -)Do you have a closet adjacent to this room that you can free up as your 'AV room' where all your components go? It'll make the Home Theatre experience much nicer if you don't have any electronics visible, just a huge screen and a remote control.

    In terms of speakers systems and the like, it's all about your preference and what you can afford. To me, bigger is better, and it contributes to the theatre experience. I would go for what I call "the Wilson Audio Theatre" system, which would include the Wilson Audio Sophias or WATT Puppies, and their center and surround speakers. In this sense, there are no speaker stands, just big speakers. Right now I can't afford them, but I'm aiming for those in a couple years time!

    You usually want the speakers pointed towards your audience, and this can be achieved by wall mounting or positioning slightly above ear level. If you have stadium seating, above the listening area pointed towards the center works.

    Anyway, hope this gives you some ideas. I use Salamander Designs ( component racks, but they not be for you.

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