reformatted, but have some problems

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by fade, Nov 23, 2003.

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    i reformatted because my computer kept crashing. it also didnt help i only had 300megs out of 30 gigs.

    so i reformatted, and after that, my comp only had 27/30gigs. i understand thats because of the file system or whatever, but i have a bunch of folders that i havent seen before that takes up a lot of space.

    for eg, my documents.


    now - i really dont have anything in there. couple of pics and word docs.

    why is it so big? im only running one acct.

    can i delete the i386 folder as well and just run it from the xp cd?

    i also have a hp folder that has all the drivers and shit - but shouldnt all of that be installed within the windows folder?

    what can i delete? :hs:

    (this post probably doesnt make any sense)
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    D & S hold all of the computers accounts documents, desktop (so if you put an executable on the desktop, it's gonna show up there...), cookies, temp internet files... What I do is turn on show hidden files so I can see exactly where a folder is hogging resources.

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