Rehab + Returning to the Gym... Help?

Discussion in 'Fitness & Nutrition' started by Mofolicious, May 29, 2006.

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    where's your toque, eh?
    Recently I hurt my lower back at work. I've been going to physiotherapy for the past couple weeks, and am now into a light workout program to build up the muscles that were damaged, and the associated areas, with the intention of also strengthening.

    I used to casually visit the gym, but my work schedule drastically changed, and instead of adapting my routine effectively, I lost motivation and pretty much stopped going. Although I've maintained a membership, before May I literally went 3 times in 12 months, and my only real source of excercise was running 3 or 4 times a week. That went down the shitter when winter came.:hs:

    Now that I'm back in the gym doing a light program that's mandatory 3 times a week, it's given me back my motivation, and I would like to start doing a small workout for the 2 days I'm not at physio during the week, and possibly throw in a sat or sun workout as well. I talked to my physiotherapist and she told me as long as the excercises I did didn't affect my lower back and I stayed away from freeweights at first, I would be fine. So I'm trying to work the areas that don't get worked at physio. This would be arms, legs (I do a leg curl and wall squats[ie no weight used] at physio), abs and upper back. But only on machines. I went to the gym this morning to see what I could get done, and I couldn't come up with much. I got a decent, yet light arm workout, then did a short cardio (I'm not allowed to even jog yet... only walking) then called it quits. I figured this is a safe bet since I've been so slack in the past year.

    My 3 times a week physio program is the same every time unfortunately. I would like to have more time to heal the muscles I'm working, but they are only open mon-fri, 9-5. I work mon-fri, 11-7am. So I plan on spacing them out; mon, wed, fri. I work on chest, lowerback, and quads for weight. The rest is stretches.

    Cliffs: Need a gym program for 2 or 3 times a week that works my arms, legs, abs, upper back and shoulders without straining my lower back, and no free weights. This will be coupled with my physiotherapy that I perform 3 times a week that lightly works chest, lower back and quads. Also limited in my cardio to walking only. Haven't been to the gym much in the past year, feel like a noob.

    Thanks for reading all that shit and any help you might offer. :sadwavey:
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