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Discussion in 'On Topic' started by vibit, May 5, 2005.

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    i am having very suicidal thoughts right now because i am remembering and coming to terms with the really really horrible situation i had last year when i was raped (and which i tried to fight off) a few times by someone i was going out with. how do i get over this? i am usually very good with blocking things out. i don't know why tonight i am having these nasty feelings. it may have been the one raspberry margarita i had earlier? i am also remembering some other bad things about the relationship i had afterwards with someone else in which he ended up trying to go for my best friend. i've seen the school counsellor about my problems. but i haven't exactly followed up for progress since school has been out and it's been hard to get an appointment. do any of you out there have similar experiences? i feel so ashamed to have those nasty memories as a part of my history. i know i have a lot of supportive friends but at the same time i feel that they shun/criticize me because of my ugly past. especially since word gets around. i feel like i'm being looked down upon or that people can see how messed up i really am.

    i'd appreciate your thoughts and advice.
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    You can't just "block out" memories and feelings and expect to go away. Instead of going away, they rot, and the stink destroys your peace of mind. You've got to learn to deal with these experiences. The place to do that isn't on the internet (although you might find support at a rape counseling/support group site), its in the office of a professional. You need counseling, and the occasional visit to the school counselor isn't going to cut it. You need a psychologist. I suggest that you find one, and go see him regularly until you've workout out all these thoughts and feelings.

    ed: I notice that you're in Canada, for fuck's sakes. In British Columbia, too. You have access to excellent medical care, do you not? I suggest you take advantage of it. In fact, I recall being yelled to by protestors against rape on Robson Street on Sunday. There must be some really kick ass support groups for rape surivors in your area.

    Take advantages of the myriad resources you have at your disposal to get better. If you choose not to do this, you're only going to get worse. "Blocking out," trauma will literally kill you, in time.
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    Go to a therapist, dear. Preferably one that specialises in rape victims.

    What happened to you is horrible, but do not try to 'block' it out. It'll just fester, and eventually create behaviors in you that are negative.

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