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  1. Ok I've been going out with this girl for 3 years. We broke up once and I slept around and over all enjoyed the sex life, but hated that I wasn't with this girl. Got back together and life and love continued.

    Just recently I decided I wanted to go on a break to figure out what I wanted. I have had no urge to sleep around but when I'm with her sometimes I feel I want something new. I love how comfortable I am with this chick and how much she loves me is great. But sometimes I feel like its time to start over for no good reason.

    Am I just young and this is normal or what? Also I'm joining the army in a year and a half or so as an officer through ROTC. I used to think I was going to marry this girl but marriage scares me. Its so permanent! :noes:

    I suppose all this was vague but I decided to spill my brain so whatever.
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    I think you are unstable in terms of knowing what you want in life, if id could give you any advice i would say 'choose a goal, and stick to it' Whatever you do in life make sure that once you start something you complete it to the end. Being more decisive on what you want is important, because right now all that sleeping around might sound like fun, but they are all meaningless relationships. Going with a girl then going in the army is not a good idea either, you'll just make her lonely by being seperated from her. I hope you mature in the army ,so that afterwards (if your still alive that is) you'll be able to choose a stable partner, and are stable enough yourself to go into a commitment instead of just messing around with everyone's feelings.
  5. Technically I only slept with 1 person while we broke up, and we were broken up for like 3 months. I recognize they are all meaningless relationships and thats why I haven't done anything or got into a relationship.

    I also worry that while I'm gone she will be very lonely and I don't want to put her through that. She says she doesn't mind it but I still think its not cool.
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    It's pretty obvious that you are just settling. I mean you said yourself that you love how "comfortable" you feel with this girl. Feeling too comfortable is possibly the most common way to kill a relationship. The only one's that work are the couples who fight to keep the relaionship new and exciting for the most part. But've already tasted what else is out there and this time on your break you aren't out fucking just because you have more willpower.

    Everyone goes through phases of "is there something better for me out there?" at some point in a long relationship...but the fact of the matter is you've now technically been broken up from this girl twice, once for 3 months :hsugh: I know it has been 3 years, but you two will never make it with this kind of doubt. I'm sure she is wonderful, but you can force a life together. She most likely will want marriage and is holding out for it at this point. It sounds like you are young (under 21, amirite?) If so, you'll even be going away in the next year and there is NOTHING worse IMO than the soldiers who make sure to keep or get a long term girlfriend before they go overseas just so they have someone at home waiting for them. That is so common it's scary, and it's so unfair to the girl who is constantly stressing about how the guy is doing and lonely. A lot of them end up cheating as well.

    Honestly? You need to really think about this because you'll most likely get to the point where you either cheat on her (which is not fair to her obviously), or want to break up with her later. Break up with her for good sooner than later.
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    stop what the fuck youre doing RIGHT NOW.

    and think. does that relationship have potential to last? to be something good? does she have the potential to make you happy?

    youre going to be sooooooo fucking sorry if you break up with her and it all comes tumbling down just because you wanted a change in pussy.

    ive been in your shoes. done what youre doing and it fucked up everything. either completely break it off or try 110% to make it work the best you can.
  8. Yes I'm 20.

    This sucks because I really do love this girl. I walk around and think about her and it makes me smile without even noticing.

    It does suck because there is a possibility of going over seas once I receive my commission and I really don't want her to have to wait up for me. She is really gorgeous she could find someone else she just lacks the social skills to start convo with others.

    I suppose I will think this shit through. In the end I will do what I deem fitting.

    Any other differing opinions are welcome?

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