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Discussion in 'Vaginarium' started by Mindspin, Jun 4, 2005.

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    This happened while i was still a freshmen in college, which was like a month ago.

    So these girls came to visit, they had just graduated, so they were only a year younger.

    So one girl told my friend she wanted to hook up with me or whatever, but i had strep at the time, so i got her number and everything.

    2 weeks later, they come to visit again, and we kissed, and she slept in my bed.

    While this was going on, i also befriended her best friend, who was kinda seeing one of my good friends.

    From what i hear, the girl is extremely fickle, and freaked out since we slept together.

    So i have been talking to her off and on, and it's definatly not going to work out. I want a relationship, she has no idea what the fuck she wants, so she kinda is playing hard to get just so she gets the satisfaction of me wanting her.

    Well her friend and I am in the same situation. We both want the same thing, a relationship, and my friend doesnt want any of that shit.

    So here is the deal. THe fickle girl isn't really interested anymore, but her best friend and my friend kind of ended things last night, and she definatly wants to go out with me.

    The thing is she isnt going to my school, and the fickle girl is.

    I dunno what to do, by going out with her friend though, it would drive her jealous meter through the roof, and she might come crawling back.

    any ideas on what to do?
  2. Let me help you with this sonny. 98% of women are totally infuckingsane and sashe through life like a deer in fucking headlights, never knowing what they want because their minds change 10 times a day. The other 2% of these women that are stable were once men and had their dicks cut off and a glory hole installed. The only problem with this is you are still considered a fag to have relations with this 2% of the female population, you are fucked either way.
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    Fuuuuuck heeeer... you have zero loyalty owed to that girl.
    Hook up with the other chick (as long as your friend is ok with it or as long as you dont give a fuck about him)
    Let her be jelous... thats between her and her friend.
  4. Mindspin

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    My friend wants nothing to do with her, he gave me the go ahead.

    I was going to hook up with her, it's going to drive the other girl insane, even if she wants me back, i would only look into it when school starts back up, cause she is comign to my school, the other girl is going to a school on the east coast.

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