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Discussion in 'Vaginarium' started by syncmaster, Apr 7, 2005.

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    So I've been friends with this chick for over two years. About two weeks ago I made a move and we ended up making out. We both liked it, and shortly after we got even closer and continued this relationship, but never officially calling ourselves a couple.

    We've made out about 4 times and almost after every time we do, she asks, "what do you want from me?" and she tells me she hates this friensd w/ benefits style relationship. She did this just a few days ago after prom night.

    Anyways I kinda got sick of this shit, so I tried some detachment stuff with her, thinking maybe she would just drop it and let our relationship continue. I stopped walking her to our classes and walking to her locker. She still tried to initiate some convo in classes but I wouldnt really try/flirt anymore. She asked me if I was mad and I just told her I was giving her some space.

    Today on the second day of detachment she broke down and came to my locker and walked to class. Again I continued the detachment.

    Question is, am I doing the right thing? I don't really want a gf/bf relationship right now, but a good friend to make out with is a nice thing, but she apparantly doesn't think so.

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    man... um well for starters... a lot of girls want a relationship very few just want a make out/fuck buddy... i bet this girl is feeling somewhat used i mean if you just want a make out buddy... go find a hooker but you are basically using the girl and i think she acknowledges it and isnt liking it and it will earn you a bad rep so i'd go fix it. if you are in a relationship on the other hand it doesnt really matter who ever said you had to act like a bf? i'd ask her out... just be normal around her... and you will still have a make out buddy... nothing wrong with having a semi gf... as long as you dont tell her you really arent dating her..
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    You just want different things, and no amount of petty jockeying for power (detachment games, etc) is going to change that. Let her go find a successful relationship while you hunt down someone who can handle the fuck buddy thing.

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