Removing Tint? How?

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  1. How would i go about removing tint (i did a search on "remove tint" and "removing tint") I'm about to get the windows tinted, but the windows already have tint on them. It's the cheap purple kind, and theres a strip on the windsheild which has been fried on over the summer (direct unlight+glass=HOT)

    Any help s greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
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    Honestly? Want to avoid several hours of frustration? Take it to a tint shop and pay them to remove it.

    If not, this is what you need to do...and no guarantees. Sometimes the tint comes off in big strips, and sometimes in tiny little flakes.

    1) Use large black trash bags and tape them into the inside of the windows with the car in the sun to heat the adhesive on the tint and let it sit for an hour or so. You don't have to do this, but it will soften the tint a bit and make removal easier.

    2) Spray a liberal amount of soapy water on the tint-drench it good. Then take a new razor blade (and use a sturdy holder to prevent cutting yourself), and start scraping away the tint. Like I said, it may come off in large chunks or tiny little slivers. Keep the trash bags taped to the other windows while you are working on each separate window.

    3) If you have a rear window defroster, you really need to watch out for the defroster wires so you don't cut them. You probably will only have room to get the razor blade into a corner and then hope like hell the rear window tint comes off in one large piece.

    I got this information from the shop who tinted my car when I had a customer who was selling a car and the tint looked like crap. Took me 3 1/2 hours with a little Eclipse, mostly because the tint on the side windows flaked off in little pieces. It's a job I will never do again.
  3. :ugh: what a pain in the ass. I knew it wasn't gonna be anything fun nor easy. But, I think I'll have the shop do it, though this would be an exellent learning experience:(. Thanks anyway:wtc:.
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    side windows=EASY

    back window w/ defroster=teh suck

    me and my friend did my side windows in an hour, razor blade and windex

    took me a MONTH to finish the back window, it came off in big pieces but trying to get the glue off was the worst, quite honestly that TINT OFF stuff they sell at walmart was really the only thing that got the glue off

    goof off didnt even do the trick it just smeared the shit around on the window and made it worse

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