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Discussion in 'Vaginarium' started by Crazyagent, Jan 14, 2009.

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    I stupidly got my earlobes pierced by a friend using a sewing needle, and cheap earrings. I had to take them out due to how i was working at a fire department at the time. I had only had the piercings for about 3 weeks so they closed up. I would like to get them redone, but am wondering if this is alright? when i give a little squeeze on my earlobe i can feel the scar tissue i think that is inside. Will it be alright for them to re-pierce it? Also, about how much does an earlobe piercing cost per ear and do i tip the person who does it? What kind of jewelry would be best to wear while it heals, and about how much would it cost? Im a guy iff that changes anything. Sorry this is all very new to me, and just dont want to be like a total noob when i go into the shop.
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    mine only cost $20 or so for both ear lobes. Your best bet is to go to a shop and have a peircer look at your ears and tell you the best solution
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    Yes it will be fine.
    Anywhere from $20-$40 per ear depending on jewellery you choose.
    If you feel they did a good job a tip is very appreciated.
    You should have the choice of a CBR(basic ring), CBB(ring with 2 beads), or labret stud.
    Doesn't change a thing.

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