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    I have a 1992 240SX hatchback and am getting a new spoiler, the Kouki Type X spoiler if anyone knows what that is. The stock spoiler is foam and after about 50,000 miles starts to peel from the car and crack and there are usually problems with rust under it.

    I didn't think I had a problem until today. My new spoiler should be here this week so I pulled off my old foam spoiler and to my dismay there is a rust hole. Luckily it is just one, slightly larger than a quarter.

    So to install the new spoiler the original mounting holes need to be filled and new holes drilled. To save cash I was considering doing everything but the drilling and painting, so basically I need to get rid of the rust spot and fill it along with the mounting holes of the stock spoiler. My question is how is this done?

    Do I just take a dremel to the edges of the hole until I have only metal? What do I fill it with? Bondo or something? I'm not familiar with using that so if someone could explain the procedure that would be great. Also I would have to put something on the bottom of the rust hole for the bondo to stick to or else it seems like it would cave in.

    Basically I am planning on removing the spoiler, getting all the sticky tape off, dremeling the rust hole, filling it along with any other mounting holes I don't need with bondo, then sanding the whole hatch with progressiely finer sandpaper so they can just repaint the whole thing and they can drill the new mounting holes. Does this sound about right?

    Also what tools and expenses are needed? The point is to save money, so if it's too expensive than I will just have the shop do it.

    Thanks for the help, sorry it's such a long post.

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