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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by 01000101, Jan 10, 2004.

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    Jul 8, 2003
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    I still cant figure it out. i know theres got to be some way to do it.

    *hotmail -> outlook xp -> outlook pocketpc
    *hotmail -> pocketpc

    i want to be able to use hotmail with the built-in email management program on windowsCE (the one that shows the inbox on the today screen)

    if i copy or move emails from the 'hotmail-inbox' folder to the 'inbox' folder on outlook xp, then they sync to the pda, so...

    everything involved is microsoft, so it should be simple, but alas, everything is microsoft :squint:

    i cant set up a rule on outlook, it doesnt work with http mail. i dont want to dl a program for the pda (another program wont show on the today screen, unless im mistaken)

    please please someone help me out, or point me to somewhere where i can find the answer (hotmail support has been down for a while, and i couldnt find anything with microsoft's search engine)

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    Don't know exactly what you are trying to do. BUT here are a few things to look at that might help...

    Feel free to IM or PM me if ya got more questions...

    IzyMail (formerly Pop2Hot)

    Poket Hotmail


    Of course copying the messages from the HTTP folder to the actual Inbox will work to as you have learned. There really isn't a way to change a setting or rule two to make it work. It will take some third party apps like these... Good luck.

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