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Discussion in 'On Topic' started by texchef, May 27, 2009.

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    Where have you guys ordered from that have been good as far as shipping, price and selection? I'm talking about when ammo was a good price and readily available and now when it's harder to find and more expensive.
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    Can't really address "selection" since selecting from a shit ton of out of stock items doesn't do any good.

    I have ordered lots of ammo from Wideners and they have always shipped fast for me and they haven't raised prices as drastically as most.

    I have ordered lots of ammo from Natchez in the past and they always shipped fast as well... but they have jacked prices through the roof in the last few months. Won't be buying from them again until they start coming back down.

    I have ordered some ammo from Midway... all my transactions with Midway have been great. Price wise... Midway has never had great prices to start with, but they also haven't jacked them up as much as a lot of other retailers so on a lot of stuff they are somewhat competitive.

    Another place I keep an eye on and comparison shop a lot is Midsouth Shooters Supply, but I have never placed an order with them. They have kept their prices relatively low... but the last few times they've had ammo I am interested in in stock I have been too slow to order.
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    Brassman brass sells ammo :hsugh:
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