GUN REQ: EDU on cleaning Glock/handguns and AR's?


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Aug 30, 2003
Soybomb's cleaning routing:
Bore snake with solvent down the tube.
paper towel wipe to get off the big chunks of debris
tooth brush dipped in solvent for a scrubbing of slide channel, out barrel on pistols, etc, bronze brush if something is really caked on
patch with solvent to wipe stuff clean
few more passes with bore snake down the tube
very lightly grease wear points, a drop of oil into the trigger assembly on handguns

(I do use a chamber brush on the ar)

It doesn't have the ritual that most people put into it but its quick and easy and seems to do the job.
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Market Garden

AR Cleaning:

Separate upper and lower.
Remove bolt carrier and charging handle.
Boresnake down the bore a few times.
Chamber brush to scrub out the chamber and loosen stuff on the lugs.
Use q-tips and dental pick to get everything out of lugs on barrel extension if you so desire.
Use q-tips and pick to get shit out of the lower if you so desire.
Clean out everything else on the upper with q-tips, patches, and pick.
Take bolt out of carrier, remove extractor from bolt.
Use brakleen and brush/patches to scrub carbon off of bolt and carrier.
Use pick and q-tips to clean extractor and rest of bolt and whatever other parts you have.
Lube everything back up


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Jul 13, 2007
Clean AK's and other dirty shit.

Take off clothes.
Grasp AK or other dirty rifle in hands.
Suck in that gut, and admire your armed naked body in mirror.
Take a pic, send to me (if female).
Jump in shower.
Disassemble AK.
Scrub AK with brush and Dawn. Watch nastiness float away in drain.
Cleanse thyself, you smelly fuck.
Dry off rifle, spray with some brake parts cleaner.
Lube, and assemble.


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Feb 8, 2001
WI Go Bucky!!!!!!!
Here's the Glock cleaning EDU:


also I just really wanted to know more about the AR because with the 22LR kit, I know it's going to get dirty as fuck.

I feel like a fool. a few of you know I don't take very good care of my rifles cleanliness wise. I know I should :hs:

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