Requesting info for all kinds of Eastern Import cars

Discussion in 'OT Driven' started by darkstar, Jun 4, 2003.

  1. darkstar

    darkstar Guest

    Does anyone know of any sites or even books that have the following info-

    -the differences between each model of car, and when they were produced, and what chassis code each model has
    -the engine in each model, with engine code, hp/torque would be cool too
    -just anything general for each car

    For example - if someone has a 1991 Honda Prelude, i'd like to know when engine was avaliable for it, what generation prelude it is, engine code, chassis code, etc.

    I'm new to Asian cars and would like to learn as much as possible about them....all of them... Acura, honda, lexus, infiniti, toyota, nissan, mazda, etc.

  2. Red97GST

    Red97GST Guest

    your best bet is probably to just hit up some of the forums and boards specific to that car. for prelude info, hit up the prelude forums and often times there will be a FAQ or something that lists info about the car in stock form, best mods, etc

    i cant say which forums to go to cuz i duno the URLs or which ones are good for the basic info you seek. but u can try various places
  3. turbomr2

    turbomr2 Guest

    do you want info on a specific car in each line up?? that would make it easier.
  4. evan2

    evan2 Guest

    For more information go to this link and click on the code itself
    (you will need to sign up for a membership first, yes its free)

    A20A3 Honda Accord 1988-1989
    B16 Acura Integra XSi/RSi (JDM) 1990-1991
    B16 Acura Integra XSi/RSi 1992-1993
    B16A Honda Civic SiR (JDM) 1989-1991
    B16A Honda Civic (EDM) 1992-1995
    B16A Honda Civic VTi 1996-2000
    B16A Honda Del Sol/CRX SiR 1992-1996
    B16A Honda Civic SiR (JDM-Hatch) 1989-1992
    B16A1 Honda CRX 1.6i/VTi (EDM) 1989-1992
    B16A1 Honda CRX SiR 1990-1991
    B16A1 Honda Civic SiR (JDM) 1990-1991
    B16A2 Honda Civic Si 1999-2000
    B16A2 Honda Civic SiRII (JDM) 1992-1995
    B16A2 Honda Del Sol (JDM) 1993-1995
    B16A3 Honda Del Sol 1992-1995
    B16B Honda Civic Type R (JDM) 1998-2001
    B17A1 Acura Integra GSR 1992-1993
    B18A1 Acura Integra GS 1990-1991
    B18A1 Acura Integra GS 1992-1993
    B18B1 Acura Integra GS/LS/RS 1994-1995
    B18B1 Acura Integra GS/LS/RS 1996-2000
    B18C Acura Integra SiR (JDM) 1995-1997
    B18C1 Acura Integra GSR 1994-2001
    B18C3 Honda Integra Type R 1995-1998
    B18C5 Acura Integra Type R 1998-2001
    B18C5 Honda Integra Type R 1997-2001
    B20A3 Honda Prelude 2.0 S 1990-1991
    B20A5 Honda Prelude 2.0 Si 1990-1991
    B20A5 Honda Prelude Si 1988-1989
    B20A5 Honda Prelude Si 1988-1989
    B20B Honda CRV 1997-1998
    B20Z Honda CRV 1998-2001
    B21A1 Honda Prelude Si 1990-1991
    C30A Acura NSX 2002+
    C32B Acura NSX 2002+
    D15A2 Honda CRX HF (Carbed) 1984-1987
    D15B Honda Civic VTi 1999
    D15B2 Honda Civic DX/LX 1988-1991
    D15B2 Honda CRX DX 1988-1991
    D15b2 Honda Civic DX 1988-1991
    D15B6 Honda Civic HF/CRX HF 1988-1989
    D15B6 Honda Civic HF/CRX HF 1988-1991
    D15B7 Honda Civic DX/LX 1992-1995
    D15B8 Honda Civic CX 1992-1995
    D15Z Honda Civic HF 1996-2000
    D15Z1 Honda Civic VX 1992-1995
    D16A1 Acura Integra 1986-1987
    D16A3 Acura Integra 1988-1989
    D16A3 Acura Integra 1988-1989
    D16A6 Honda Civic Si/EX/CRX Si 1988-1991
    D16A8/9 Acura Integra 1988-1989
    D16Y7 Honda Civic DX/LX/CX 1996-2000
    D16Y8 Honda Civic EX 1996-2000
    D16Z6 Honda Civic EX/Si /Del Sol Si 1992-1995
    D17A1 Honda Civic DX/LX 2001+
    D17A2 Honda Civic EX 2001+
    EW4 Honda CRX Si 1985-1987
    EW4 Honda Civic Si 1986-1987
    F20A Honda Accord 2.0Si (JDM) 1990-1993
    F20C Honda S2000 2000+
    F22 Honda Prelude Si 1992-1996
    F22A1 Honda Accord 1990-1993
    F22A1 Honda Prelude S 1992-1996
    F22A4 Honda Accord 1990-1991
    F22A6 Honda Accord 1991-1993
    F22B1 Honda Accord EX 1994-1997
    F22B2 Honda Accord DX/LX 1994-1997
    H22 Honda Accord SiR 1994-1997
    H22 Honda Prelude VTEC 1992-1996
    H22A Honda Prelude SiR (JDM) 1997-2001
    H22A Honda Prelude 1999-2001
    H22A Honda Prelude Type S (JDM) 1997-2001
    H22A1 Honda Prelude 1997-1998
    H22A1 Honda Prelude VTEC 1994-1996
    H23 Honda Prelude Type S (JDM) 1993-1995
    H23A1 Honda Prelude SE/Si 1992-1996
    K20A Acura Integra (JDM) 2001+
    K20A Honda Civic Type R (JDM) 2001+
    K20A Integra Type R (JDM) 2001+
    K20A Acura Integra IS (JDM) 2001+
    K20A2 Acura RSX Type S 2001+
    K20A3 Acura RSX 2001+
    K20A3 Honda Civic Si 2002+
    K24 Honda CRV 2002+
    ZC Honda CRX (JDM) 1990-1993
    ZC Honda CRX Si16/1.6i (JDM) 1989-1992
    ZC Honda CRX Si (JDM) 1985-1987
    ZC Acura Integra (JDM) 1990-1993
    ZC Acura Integra (JDM) 1986-1989
    ZC Honda Civic Si (JDM) 1986-1987
    ZC Honda Civic Si (JDM) 1988-1991
  5. meggala

    meggala Guest

    my site does have spec's etc on nissan skylines
    also cefiro's and few others.

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