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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by 4thgenceli, Oct 5, 2007.

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    Welp I think I've hit my glass ceiling at my job.

    Lookin around for other positions, and I've found a few that I feel I qualify for. I just don't know how to state my job description at my current job. As of right now, I do the following on a day-day basis. I'm lookin for a jr. network admin position. My current job is a network ops center tech (i work in a datacenter).

    Router setup/config/troubleshoot (Cisco)
    Co-location (install new users, etc)
    Facility (HVAC/cooling, power, maintenance, etc)
    basic webhosting support (not really into webdeign, I'm more into networking)
    internet access (DSL/T1, T3, OC48, DS3)
    POP3 email support/ exchange 2k3 administration
    Sever 2k3 administration
    Change Management
    Procedure documentation
    Physical Security procedures (biometrics, etc)
    Firewall configurations (FWSM/PIX/Watchguard/Firebox)

    Will this be accepetable to use as my job description?


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