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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by IAMwhitey, Dec 27, 2004.

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    well had the Axim 30 for a few months, I wanted more functionality from it. For Christmas I received the Dell GPS package.

    This includes:
    Car charger
    PPC Holder for Car
    GPS Bluetooth Module

    Well let me just tell you, this lil device works great. And it was easy to setup.

    With active sync running, you put the software in and away it goes. you can select what states you want to be able to map. This way you don't have the whole US hogging your memory when you only need East Coast maps. After the install of the software and a few maps I was ready to go. Flipped on the bluetooth receiver and started the software up. No problems so far, I was getting ready to go out to lunch. Searched for the restaurant. Hit Map and it was telling me where to go. Walked to my car, and I was off. Now i wanted to try to mess with it, so i took another route that it did not suggest. Immediately it remapped itself and was ready to go. It got me to my destination and talked me through perfectly.

    Overall I am really impressed with the ease of intall and use. Definitely a cheap and secure solution for GPS. 160 for the Axim, 200 for the GPS and you are in business! This is a great price compared to the GPS units that sell for roughly 500.

    Just playing around with it now, the searching functions are amazing. Put in a point of Interest and you are ready to go

    If you would like any pictures, just let me know. But I highly recommend this solution!

    Cliff: Dell GPS is cool, buy it!

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