GUN Review: Tarus PT-111

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    Review: Taurus PT-111

    My wife decided she wanted a hand gun, so we went out to "test" some with her. She decided on the Taurus PT-111 so I thought I would write up my impressions on the pistol.

    The Taurus PT-111 is a compact 9mm holding 10 in the magazine. If not for the grip extender on the magazine, I would only be able to achieve a 3 finger grip on the pistol.

    Weight wise, this is one of the lightest 9mm's that I have ever fired. The polymor bottom half is extremly light.

    While this is an excellent CCW weapon due to it's size and weight, it does suffer slightly in firing.

    This weapon due to it's lightweight does wander a lot while trying to perform double taps. If it was a tad bit heavier I feel that acquiring the target for the second round would be easier.

    The tightest grouping that I was able to achieve with this pistol was 2.5" from 15yards. While this would be sufficent for a self defense pistol, match target shooting would be a waste of time.

    Breakdown and cleaning is simple, with the only issue coming up was the barrel wanting to slide around while re-assembling.

    Overall, I would rate this pistol as a 6 on a scale of 1 - 10. It would be fine for a CCW weapon, best at close ranges.
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