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Full disclosure: Stims and preworkout supplements usually have zero effect on me. Every morning I pop 200mg C and 25mg of E and go to sleep on the train 30 minutes later going into work. That should give you an idea of what I'm dealing with.

1st time using it, empty stomach:

I work out at 6:30pm. I took one full scoop of it at 4:15 to see how long it would last. I was buzzing around the office till 5 when I left, and had good energy till right about 6:30 and then felt normal again. I would say I had a little bit more energy than usual but nothing crazy.

Second time taking it, I ate a pickle:

Decided to wait this time. Got home from work around 6:15. Took a full scoop and then proceeded to foam roll and do some warmup work. About 20 minutes later my heart was racing and I had some shortness of breath for a few minutes. Started working out in my basement as usual where it is always very cool and was sweating and a little jittery. It clearly was working. I powered through my workout although I had some bad forearm cramps and had to cut it short. This is a problem I had with the previous version of white flood, but it felt different so it could have been another factor.

I'm going to keep testing it to see how it works out. So far its good energy but I worry about cramping.
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