Rewatching The Wire for the first time


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Feb 2, 2004
The City
Damn s2 is getting great real quick. McNulty pinning the 14 murders on Rawls and the boys was hilarious

Valchek v frank sobotka is :tbow: as well

Things heating up with the Greeks crew very nicely too @HoodRich
and i will die on this hill, the prez johnny cash scene is the best scene in the series, bar none. You can keep your "get on with it mother fuc..." your "come at the king you best not miss". That is the best scene


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Feb 2, 2004
The City
Ellery queen? Da fukk is that
it was a murder mystery show, way ahead of its time. Starred Jim Hutton. John Hillerman was in about half the episodes. Only lasted one season.

Every mystery was solvable, you'd get right to the final clue, once it was shown Ellery would break the 4th wall and let you know he's solved it, ask you if youve got it. Give you a subtle hint or 2, and then gather all the suspects for the reveal. John Hillerman played like an offbrand radio star Ellery Queen type, and would often give a false reveal because he was terrible. The show was from the 70's and set in the early 40's.

In Leverage theres an episode where they all go to a costume party dressed as famous fictional detectives, Timothy Hutton goes as Ellery Queen and labels him "The Greatest Fictional Detective Ever"
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May 2, 2002
There’s what less than a dozen all time great shows and you wanna complain that people like one of them too much

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