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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by offthahook, Dec 24, 2002.

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    I know the difference. Here's my situation. I keep getting a RESET CODE 2 everytime I try to switch CD's in my changer (JVC CD X 200 NOT RF...). I have a decent head unit that is also JVC, so I'm all good. Instead of paying someone to figure out the code and fix the problem (it might be $75), I may just get a new CD changer on ebay. I'm seeing the same model number as mine, but with the RF screen and cord. Could I just use the CD changer and not worry about the RF part, or are they not compatible?? Does anyone know what other CD changers (JVC) could use the cords and brackets for the CH X 200?? Maybe a CH X 400 could be bolted right up. And does anyone know what a reset code is and why I get it EVERYTIME I try to switch discs via the head unit. TIA.

    91 Prelude, Changer is in trunk, once the code appears-- nothing will work CD wise until I pull out the magazine.

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