RICERS/DRIFTERS Enter. Ford Australia's wild DRIFT XR6 Turbo Concept Car ****PICS****

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    FPV's Wild 'DRIF6' Concept Breaks Cover
    Motoring Channel Staff - 28/Feb/2006

    FPV Typhoon DRIF6 Concept Car

    Built for drifting, the DRIF6 generates 380kW of power
    and 700Nm of torque, enough to get the wheels smoking.

    Here's something for the rev heads - Ford Performance Vehicles has developed an "unofficial" concept car based on the popular 2006 BF model F6 Typhoon that has been designed to burn rubber. Literally.
    Purpose built as a 'drifter' - drifting is one of the fastest growing motor sport genres and easily one of the most entertaining - the rear wheel drive turbo monster was first seen at the ninth annual FPV Family Open Day recently, and has been nicknamed DRIF6 in regards to its powersliding nature and 6-cylinder powertrain.
    The one-off concept car is expect to attract plenty of attention with its custom car styling (note the slotted hood), eye-catching paint scheme and of course its earth-shaking performance.
    “There is a tradition at each FPV Family Open Day for a group of volunteers from FPV and Prodrive to create a project car to showcase their abilities and generate some excitement among the visitors,” mentioned David Flint, the Ford Performance Vehicles boss.
    He added: “This year, they have surpassed all previous projects.”
    FPV explains that the team has created a specially-modified one-off version of the FPV F6 Typhoon sedan designed to tackle similar turbocharged performance cars in the spectacular new form of motor racing; Drifting.
    DRIF6 features a lightweight chassis, racing cockpit and uprated version of its critically-acclaimed intercooled and turbocharged 4.0-litre straight 6-cylinder engine producing more than 380kW of power and 700Nm of torque.
    “We wanted to conjure up something unique and exciting for our new turbo fans,” FPV communications manager, Andrew MacLean, said. “Drifting is one of the fastest growing forms of motor racing in Australia – and certainly one of the most spectacular…so we let our imaginations drift in that direction.”
    Unlike previous Family Open Day projects, DRIF6 is a fully-operational concept vehicle and Ford Performance Racing’s rising star, Mark Winterbottom, was involved in early development of the vehicle.
    DRIF6 was built by a team of dedicated engineers and technicians at FPV’s Campbellfield facility with the assistance and support of a number of key suppliers, including Prodrive, Autotek, Castrol, HIS Hoses, Robinson Racing Developments, Revolution Racegear and Dunlop.
    FPV explains that at the heart of the DRIF6 project is an upgraded 4.0-litre turbocharged 6-cylinder engine with modifications made to increase the efficiency of the turbo system and to boost power and torque.
    These include a significantly larger intercooler with a revised induction system that features a ram air box taking air from where the fog light is normally located on the production car, a hand made plenum manifold replacing the individual inlet runners, a unique engine management system calibration and three-inch straight through exhaust system with side outlet.
    The transmission has an upgraded Tremec T-56 close-ratio 6-speed gearbox and AP racing twin-plate clutch driving the rear wheels through a locked differential.
    Deceleration is taken care of by the optional Brembo brake package already available on the F6 Typhoon, which features 355mm front and 330mm rear cross-drilled and pillar ventilated rotors and 6-piston monoblock front calliper and 4-pot rear calliper. The braking system has been modified especially for Drifting with high quality braided hoses, a brake proportioning valve and a WRC-style hydraulic handbrake.
    The fully functional DRIF6 concept car has also been given a new interior in order to ensure maximum safety during any drifting the car may be put through. FPV says the cockpit of DRIF6 has been stripped and replaced with world-class Momo racing seats and racing harnesses, a Momo steering wheel, Momo gearknob and a variety of ancillary gauges by VDO and Autron. These include a monster VDO tacho on the dash, explains FPV, located in line with the twin-pod sport gauges that display oil temperature and turbo boost pressure, A-pillar mounted gauges to display volts and cabin temperature and Autron’s latest high-tech tyre-press monitoring system located at the base of the Interior Command Centre. To keep things rigid, the cockpit also has a racing-style roll cage installed.
    The Australian Ford tuning group mentioned that the DRIF6 is a concept car designed to showcase the enthusiasm and expertise of FPV’s engineering operations, but that there are no plans, at this stage, to participate in competitive events.

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    no wonder theres so much fucking torque...its a freaking 4L i6! noice
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    thats kinda cool, wrong forum... but cool..

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