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Apr 6, 2004
Windsor, Ont, Canada.
Interesting story...

Had a notebook (Acer 5720Z) that I was to clean up for a new person. Backup and delete all personal files, remove Vista, put on Windows 7, etc.

After hours of backup, formatting, installing Windows 7, install new software, etc I ran Windows 7 rating thing. Well, the computer finally overheated and shut down. I turn it back on a minute after and it's fine (never touched the keyboard though), but I shut it down for it to continue to cool off.

At this time I decide to clean the keyboard since it had tons of dog hair, food, yellow keys, etc. I clean it with cotton swabs, Qtips, and some rubbing alcohol. Keyboard ends up looking a lot better.

Turn the computer on and the keyboard doesn't work. Doesn't work in Windows, or in the BIOS. 100% dead. Only the keyboard doesn't work and not a single key works on it. I take the keyboard out of the notebook, check connections, press on connections, etc. Every key is dead even on POST. I let it sit for 3 hours and check it again. Dead.

This was on Friday. I come in now Monday morning, turn the PC on and the keyboard is now working fine. Can't even get it to stop working.

How does this happen and wtf?
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Sounds like a short to me, dried up over time and works fine now, I've had this happen many times to many different things. When I was young I dropped my MP3 player into a cup of coffee... cleaned it out with alcohol and let it dry out for over a week, turned it back on, worked fine.

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