SRS right thing?

Discussion in 'On Topic' started by brendan12134, Oct 15, 2006.

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    dated a girl for about 5 months, went to camp, hooked up with a girl there (from japan, but intnl school so shes more american than anything) then decided to break up with my gf in my hometown for jp girl. i still get to see jp every 3 months about.

    both are pretty hot, jp a little more id say
    both are awesome to hang around, jp a little more i guess

    break up right thing to do?
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    are you trying to justify your breakup?
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    i'm confused what your question is. are you asking if you did the right thing to break up with your girl since you were hooking up with someone else? um, if you didn't want to keep cheating on someone then yes.... if your girl was under the impression that you were exclusive with her, but then you started screwing someone else, than yes, it probably was best that you ended the relationship.
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    The way I look at is is...
    You betrayed your GF in the most wrong way possible, now it seems like you are trying to justify your break up and actions.
    In the same light I look at it as obviously you were not happy with your current GF so you kept your options open. But...
    That is not fair to your GF and it is not fair to the other girl either.
    It seems as tho this break up was planned and you didn't want to take the steps towards it because you were afraid you would nt find someone else? or maybe because you have a little bit of low self-esteem.
    Be a man step up make your choices before you invole some one else.

    I am really sorry if this seems negative or like I am lashing out.

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