RIP SOKO - our beloved OTer with the man purse has passed


Still Rockin' Like Dokken
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May 15, 2006
Soko, when you pull through, i still owe you a meal at China 88 for that last time you covered mine when you, Futureman and I grabbed some lunch.

:( this is just hard to read

El Slotho

Quirked up white boy goated with the sauce
Sep 13, 2001
Wine Country
Send Soko Home

We were waiting for God to give us a miracle but it didn't happen.... But then I thought maybe our miracle was the fact our paths crossed with our brother Jonathan's in the first place....Maybe our miracle was his big ole smile being etched into our minds and hearts as long as we live or the way we felt when he gave us that big ole bear hug that totally encompassed us, making us feel like a small child and loved beyond measure... Maybe our miracle was that we have been blessed with 32 years with him being our brother and him showing us how to have a kind, loving heart with such a beautiful easy going free spirit... Maybe our mistake was hearing the abundance of his laughter that he shared with us since his first breath on this earth and watching his entire body shake like jello when he laughed which made us laugh even harder. I believe God has given us a miracle in these things.... Memories we will never forget, loving each other in-spite of our ups and downs, footprints he left on our hearts and life that has changed us in every aspect of our being.... I'm thankful God gave Jonathan to us as our baby brother, to our mom as her son.... Although, the end results was not the miracle I prayed for him or us but I am thankful for the years we had with our sweet blue eyed miracle here on this earth with us and all that he gave to our life and being able to create all the beautiful loving memories we had together. You will be forever my Bubbie and forever Nickie's Broski and our mama's baby boy. We will keep you close to our hearts and in our dreams....

We love you and I thank you for all the lessons you have given me. Love you my Bubbie

Fuck. :(

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